Fleming Colorado


By: Madisyn Serrato

There are two girls who share the Senior Spotlight this month, and those girls are
none other than Alexis Haney and Whitney Chintala.

Alexis Haney

Alexis has been taking her senior year day by day. Although it has been going very fast
for her, she has had an overall good year so far as she is trying to make the best of her
final year as a Fleming High School student. When it comes to school, creativity has always been her outlet. During her earlier school years, she enjoyed writing classes, but
her favorite class now is art. Her future plans are not completely set in stone, but Alexis
has always been known for her hard work and perseverance, so there’s little to no doubt
that she will find great success after walking out those doors. When she was younger,
she aspired to become a zookeeper, but her interests have drastically changed from monkeys and elephants to the badges and crime scenes that are associated with criminal justice. When asked if her younger self would be proud of the person she has become she
stated, “Yeah, I would say so. When I was younger, I was super scared around people,
and now I try to be a leader and not just a follower. I want to set people up for good
things in the future because looking back on my past, I didn’t really have anyone doing
that for me, so I want to be that person for others.” Her advice for younger students is to
enjoy the time that you have here because life’s going to come quickly. She encourages
everyone to make new friends, and do new things to push yourself out of your comfort
zone, so you’re prepared for the world.


Whitney Chintala

Whitney Chintala is a Fleming Wildcat through and through. She has attended Fleming
School since she was a preschooler, and has been an incredibly beneficial team member
in our volleyball, basketball, and track teams. Because of her athletic success, there is no
question why she is going to college on an athletic scholarship. Next fall, she will be attending North Platte Community College to play volleyball and to acquire her associate’s degree in business. When Whitney was younger, she dreamt of becoming a teacher
like her mom, but as she progressed through her last four years of school, she has become more interested in the business side of things. Her favorite subject in elementary
school was math, but now she has become fascinated with her classes in finance and accounting. Don’t let this fool you too much into thinking that she will just be working in
a cubicle for the rest of her life though because after her two years at North Platte, she
hopes to become a dental hygienist. When asked the question “Would your younger self
be proud of you now?” Whitney said, “Yes because throughout sports, and even school,
I’ve achieved a lot like going to state in different sports and placing well, and in school,
I’ve always gotten good grades. I’ve also loved how I have gotten myself out there a little bit more.” Her advice to younger students to make sure to go out and make memories. School is important, but staying active outside of the classroom like socially, in
clubs, athletically, or just having fun with your friends is important as well.