Fleming Colorado Monday Market

Fleming's Monday Market

Come join us for local goods and gifts at Fleming's Monday Market!

Fleming's Monday Market is hosted on a Monday each month from 4PM-6PM at the Fleming Community Center or Heritage Park, and is an opportunity for a reoccurring, local shopping experience right in the town of Fleming.

Whether you want to shop locally, or sell goods of your own, there is something for everyone!

The next Monday Market is:

JUNE 12TH, 2023

at Heritage Park

Interested in selling something?

Become a Vendor!

It's quick and easy, but does take some steps:

1. Have Items to Sell

Whether you have an existing business or just have some items lying around your house, you can be a vendor at Fleming's Monday Market!

Items to sell include:

  1. Cottage Foods

  2. Homemade/Craft Items

  3. New Merchandise (Scentsy, Mary Kay, etc.)

  4. General Yard Sale Items

  5. Clothing

  6. Whatever else you can think of!

Guidelines for items to sell:

  • If selling *Cottage foods, you need to have received your Food Handlers Card ($10), shown proof to the Town of Fleming, and are required by the Northeast Colorado Health Department to conspicuously display a placard, sign, or card at the point of sale with the following disclaimer: “This product was produced in a home kitchen that is not subject to state licensure or inspection. This product is not intended for resale.”

  • Food vendors must also accurately list any and all allergens as indicated in the Vendor Registration Form, and post any allergens contained in the food on a visible sign at your table.

  • No open flames or fragrances can be displayed, sprayed, or emitted at or from your table (including diffusers, wax warmers, candles, perfume, room spray, air fresheners, etc.). Note: These items are allowed to be sold, just not turned on, lit, or sprayed.

  • Hot/Cold foods cannot be sold unless you possess both food licenses required by the Northeast Colorado Health Dept. Contact the NCHD to learn more about the cost and requirements for obtaining both the food handling and food transportation licenses.

*What are Cottage Foods?

Cottage foods are typically categorized as items you are selling that do not need to be refrigerated or do not contain animal products.

Find the full explanation of Cottage Foods here. Some examples of Cottage Food items & requirements includes:

  • Candies and confections including cotton candy and fudge

  • Certain baked goods including non-perishable breads, muffins, fruit pies, fruit empanadas, cookies, cakes,

    and tortillas

  • Eggs - up to 250 dozen whole shell eggs, per month; eggs must be maintained cold at 33°F - 41°F and *sold in

    new and properly labeled cartons*

  • Jams, jellies, marmalades, compotes, chutneys, conserves, preserves & fruit butters are allowed to be sold.

  • Nuts & seeds

  • Pickled fruits, & vegetables including some fermented fruits and vegetables such as kimchi and sauerkraut

    with a pH of 4.6 or below (Having a copy of the pH test results available is a best practice; storing

    fermented fruits and vegetables at 41°F or below to maintain quality is a best practice)

Items that are NOT Cottage Foods, and thus cannot be sold :

  • Pepper jelly and fruit preserves, jams or jellies made with fresh peppers or homemade dehydrated peppers, fruit preserves, or jams

  • Baked or fried goods having cream, custard or meringue fillings or toppings, cakes or pastries with

    butter cream frosting or cream cheese icing or fillings; or other frostings requiring refrigeration for safety

  • Sauces and condiments including barbecue, pizza, hot, pasta, chili, ketchup, mustard, salsa, or salad


  • Canned vegetables or pumpkin butter

  • Cut fresh fruits and vegetables, fruit or vegetable juices or concentrates, fruit or vegetable purees

Find the full explanation of Cottage Foods here.

2. Fill Out An Application

Now that you have some goods ready to sell and you know know the guidelines, time to fill out the Monday Market Application and turn it in.

There are a total of 9 spots available, depending on the size of peoples booths that month. Spots are first come, first serve. If that months market is filled already, your booth will be placed next in line for the following months market.

Prices for Spot at the Market:

Fleming Residents (anyone with a Fleming zip code): Free

Non-Fleming Residents: $15/spot (payment to be turned in with application)

There are two ways to fill out an application:

  1. Online: Fill out and submit your application online. After submission. either Suzanne Wales or Joelle Gapter will be in touch to confirm your application and spot at the Market.

  2. In-Person: Paper copies of the application are available at the Town Hall, please fill out, and return to the Town Hall. Suzanne Wales or Joelle Gapter will be in touch to confirm your application and spot at the Market.

If you're selling cottage foods, proof of your Food Handlers card will need to be shown with your application.

3. Setup & Sell!

Once you have your goods and your spot secured at the market, now's time to setup and sell!

The Monday Markets run from 4PM-6PM, but doors open for vendors to setup at 3PM.

Once you arrive, check in with Suzanne Wales or Joelle Gapter, and your name or businesses name will be on the table you can set up your booth.

Once the doors are open - sell, sell sell!

If you have any questions concerning the Fleming Monday Market, please email fleming.colorado.town@gmail.com.