Fleming Colorado Town Projects

Fleming Town Projects

Check out all of the projects taking place in Fleming. We may be on the smaller side, but the Town of Fleming has a lot of projects going on with a lot to take part in. Our projects are listed below and updated weekly.

Current Fleming Town Projects

Fleming Colorado Splash Pad

Fleming Splash Pad

Construction Date: Approx. August 8th, 2022

Completion Date: Early September 2022

Location: North Park

Designs & materials provided by Raindeck

Construction by Schiel Construction Ltd

More information and discussions concerning the Splash Pad take place at the monthly Town Council Meetings. Find out when the next Town Council meeting is here.

fleming colorado splash pad

Although this is not an actual rendering of the Fleming Splash Pad, the elements shown above will be featured.

Fleming Colorado Town Projects

Town Projects Survey Results

In July 2022, the Town of Fleming ran a brief survey asking the residents of Fleming their opinions on Town Projects and what they'd like to see the Town of Fleming work on.

Find the Town Project Survey results here.

The results were discussed at the July public Town Council Meeting and it was decided by the Town Council to pursue grant funding options with GOCO and update all the outdoor activities and parks and add new features that are handicap accessible and for people of all ages.

For updates on this project, join us at our monthly public Town Council Meetings, date and times you can find here, or check back to this Town Projects Page.

Fleming Colorado Water Tower

Fleming Water Towers

Construction Date: Fall 2022

Location: Heritage Park Water Tower

The water tower in Heritage Park will be getting worked on Fall of 2022 to remove lead-based paint. The plan is to sandblast, redo the interior, and repaint.

Fleming Colorado Town Projects

Sewer Project

Construction Date: Completed

Purpose: The Town was required to update their sewer system to prevent sewage seeping down and contaminating the ground. The Town was also required to build an additional two sewage ponds, making a total of 3 sewage ponds.

A loan & grant were taken out by the Town, and the Town now pays back this loan through a fee added onto residents utility bills.

The loan is scheduled to be paid off by November 2049.

Resolution #1-2019 outlines the loan details, you can find Resolution #1-2019 here.

Make sure to check back, more projects will be added soon!