Fleming Colorado School

Fleming School Students of the Month

Kylie Bretz-Hoskins

Our first student of the month is Kylie Bretz-Hoskins. She was nominated by Mrs. Salyards for always helping others when they need it. She always makes sure to go above and beyond on her yearbook pages as well as always getting done early with her assignments with plenty of time to help others out!

Monic Weis

Our second student of the month is Monic Weis. She was nominated by Mrs. Brekel because of her smile that always brightens the classroom and having a positive attitude when things get tough. In addition, she is eager to help other students when they are in need and never gives up!

Cooper Robinson-Sidebottom

Our last student of the month is Cooper Robinson-Sidebottom. He was nominated by Mrs. Japp for being very social and working hard on learning when it's appropriate and not appropriate to speak-out. She also
nominated him for being the social butterfly of the class. Mrs. Japp said “If there was a marathon race for talking, Cooper would be a strong competitor.”