Town of Fleming Colorado Website


The Town of Fleming is currently working on updating the town website. The goal for the update and refresh is to improve the format and layout. We are also working on gathering more information on Fleming, so we can better inform new residents and current residents with current town information. 

Some examples of these updates is adding buttons and links that help to bring you directly to the information you need. We also hope to add a section of Town History so we can have all of that information online in one place for viewing. We're also going to add a page where all of town-specific details that everyone needs when living in Fleming can be in one place. That way new residents can better understand living in Fleming and have quick access to resources and information. 

All of these goals and updates we plan on rolling out throughout the year, with most of the major visible changes happening in the next few weeks. We appreciate your patience and understanding in advance as we work hard to bring about these updates as quickly as possible. Joelle Gapter, the new Media Relations Coordinator for the Town of Fleming, is working on gathering information about the Town to add to the website. She asks that if you have any information you feel should be added to any of these pages mentioned above, you can send her a message here

Make sure to check our Facebook page and website for any other updates on the exciting new things coming to the Town of Fleming website.