Fourth of July Fleming Fire Department

Spend your Fourth of July with the Fleming Fire Department!

On July 4th from 5PM until dark, the Fleming Fire Dept. will be hosting a $5 Hot Dog Meal, Motor Blow Out Raffle, & Fireworks in honor of Independence Day!

$5 Hot Dog Meal:

The Fleming Fire Dept. will be grilling up hot dogs and serving beans, chips and a drink alongside for $5 per person. Hot dogs will be served from 5PM-7PM

Motor Blow Out Raffle:

At 7PM, the Motor Blow Out will begin. This is a raffle where they will run an engine until it blows and you will have a chance to 50% of the pot if you guess how long it takes to blow!

Here's what the raffle tickets will look like:


Fireworks will begin once the motor blow out is completed and it's dark enough outside! We recommend bringing chairs and blankets if you'd like.