Fleming Colorado Snow Policy

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Updated March 2022



The Town of Fleming believes that it is in the best interest of the residents for the Town to assume basic responsibility for control of snow and ice on town streets. Reasonable ice and snow control is necessary for routine travel and emergency services. The Town will provide such control in a safe and cost-effective manner, keeping in mind safety, budget, personnel, and environmental concerns. The Town will use town employees, equipment and/or private contractors to provide this service.


The Town will start snow or ice control operations

The Town Superintendent will decide when to begin snow or ice control operations. The criteria for that decision are:

  • Snow accumulation
  • Drifting of snow that causes problems for travel
  • Icy conditions which seriously affect travel
  • Time of snowfall in relationship to heavy use of streets


Snow removal

The Town Superintendent will determine when snow will be removed by truck from the area. Such snow removal will occur in areas where there is no room on the boulevard for snow storage and in areas where accumulated piles of snow create a hazardous condition. Snow removal operations will not commence until other snowplowing operations have been completed. Snow removal operations may also be delayed depending on weather conditions, personnel, and budget availability.


Priorities and schedule for which streets will be plowed

The Town has classified streets based on the street function, traffic volume, and importance to the welfare of the community. The snow removal priorities shall be:

  • Fire Hall to Highway 6
  • Logan Avenue and streets deemed high priority
  • Streets to school if school is in session
  • Businesses
  • Side streets and alleys
  • North Park and Heritage Park

Town Council shall allow maintenance staff to adjust priorities as circumstances dictate. The Town Council maintains the right to move all vehicles if they are impeding snow removal.

Work schedule for snowplow operators

Snowplow operators will be expected to work eight-hour shifts. In severe snow emergencies, operators sometimes must work more than eight-hours. However, because of budget and safety concerns, no operator shall work more than a twelve-hour shift in any twenty-four-hour period. Operators will take fifteen-minute breaks every two hours with a half-hour meal break after four hours. After a twelve-hour day, the operators will be replaced if additional qualified personnel are available.


Weather conditions

Snow and ice control operations will be conducted only when weather conditions do not endanger the safety of town employees and equipment. Factors that may delay snow and ice control operations include severe cold, significant winds and limited visibility.


Use of sand, salt, and other chemicals

The Town does not use sand, salt, or other chemicals that might be harmful to the environment.



The Town will maintain a two-block downtown area from Arapahoe Street to Railway Street. As there is a limited number of personnel available, the town will only maintain these sidewalks after the streets have been plowed.