Fleming Colorado Splash Pad

On Monday, July 18th, ground was broken at Fleming’s North Park as plans for the construction and completion of the Splash Pad are underway, with the official start date of construction taking place approximately August 8th, 2022.

Fleming Mayor Stefan Betley and Town Superintendent Keith Beck discuss Splash Pad plans with Jeff Schiel & local subcontractors.

One year ago, on July 13th, 2021, the Town of Fleming announced that a new splash pad will be coming to Fleming, Colorado. NextEra Energy gifted the Town of Fleming $25,000, which the Town spent towards purchasing the splash pad equipment from Rain Deck. Since receiving the money, the Fleming Town Council privately looked for contractor bids, but found no interest. Since then, a new Town Council and Mayor were sworn in, who put out a public call for an official bid. 

Since the new council has been sworn in, the search was on for a contractor, until local contractor, Jeff Schiel of Schiel Construction expressed interest and put in a bid at the July Town Council meeting. The bid for just over $104,000 was approved by the Fleming Town Council at the July Council Meeting, with plans to seek out local support and donations to help cover the remaining cost.

Jeff and his wife, Jory Schiel, are local to Northeastern Colorado. Jory is from Fleming herself, although both Jeff and Jory have a love for Fleming, with hopes even to relocate one day to Fleming. They are eager to take part in this project and give back to the community. Jeff Schiel of Schiel Construction, says he loves building playgrounds and once this Splash Pad is complete, it will be the third playground Schiel Construction has built. Jeff has a goal of completing the Fleming Splash Pad, with help of local subcontractors, by early September 2022.

Fleming Mayor Stefan Betley looks on as Jeff Schiel & local subcontractors break ground and begin marking.

About this short completion goal, Jeff said, “I love a challenge and I want Fleming residents to be able to enjoy the Splash Pad at least a couple weeks this year before cool weather comes.”

Fleming Mayor Stefan Betley looks on as Jeff Schiel & local subcontractors break ground and begin marking.

The Town will also be hosting a design contest for local residents to create the ground design for the splash pad, with more information on that coming soon. With the bid approval, ground was broken and spots have been marked in North Park with plans for construction to officially begin approximately August 8th, 2022 and the Splash Pad completed by early September 2022.

If you’d like to learn more about the Splash Pad, be sure to attend the next monthly Town Council meeting on August 10th at 6:30PM at the Town Hall or check our Town Project page for updates. If you’re interested in donating or taking part in this project in any way, contact the Town Hall at 265-2692.